Trans Clothing Closet

Monthly Mission

September's Project is the Trans Clothing Closet

Making a difference in our community

Each month during the school year we will be featuring a mission opportunity that students can contribute to.  

September's mission is the Trans Clothing Closet.  
Here is some information about the closet from their website:  

To meet the need of Trans and Non-Binary students, we have a large selection of clothing available free-of-charge due to the generosity of donors. To utilize this resources, please reach out to our team via email or in the web chat to schedule an appointment. Currently, we are only available Tuesdays-Thursdays from 10:00am-3:00pm for most students.

Due to our limited space and previous donations, we are only taking gift card donations for the time being. Based on student requests, we will do targeted clothing drives for just the items requested.

On average over 30 students utilize the Trans Clothing Closet.  Most students claim an average of 12 articles of clothes and accessories. Each and every student tells us how grateful they are for the resource. Just since the beginning of this semester, we’ve received emails from 17 students asking about using the closet and have had 8 visits.

All proceeds given from this page will go towards the purchase of gift cards for the Trans Clothing Closet.  Help Arise Campus Ministry support this monthly mission!

Monthly mission

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